The VISUALRELAXATION Library offers growing collection of [UHD] recordings called Ambient Views with Base, or Extended Commercial Licensing. The Ambient View recordings capture authentic moments from some of the most beautiful places around the world and are designed to relief stress & refresh busy minds.

Single VisualRelaxation View

Single VisualRelaxation View

Single 3.5 minute (210 seconds) long Visual Relaxation Views with Base Commercial License are available on request for downloads.

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Set of VisualRelaxation Views

Set of VisualRelaxation Views

Selection sets of 3.5 minute long Visual Relaxation Views produced as unique visual experience, including Base Commercial License are available on a Flash Drive.

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Custom Production

Custom Production

Custom Sets of Visual Relaxation Views with Extended Commercial License are available on special request.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Have a question about VISUALRELAXATION Library? Check the answers to common questions about where you can purchase Ambient Views, and how you can easily setup the VISUALRELAXATION Experience for your venue.

1. What equipment is needed to setup VisualRelaxation Experience?

Experiencing Ambient Views is quick to setup and easy to enjoy. The Ambient View Sets come on a VISUALRELAXATION Flash Drive (called also USB thumb-drive) and are ready for viewing on any Smart TV screen. Simply insert the VISUALRELAXATION Flash Drive into one of the USB slots on your Smart TV and follow the prompts on the Smart TV screen to [Play] and enjoy your Ambient View Experience.

2. What License is needed to [Play] Ambient View?

Licensing Ambient Views for your commercial premises is simple and straightforward. The price of each Ambient View already includes the BASE Commercial License for displaying your Ambient Views on up to three Display Devices (Smart TV screens) in one Location (postal address). For serving larger commercial venues the VISUALRELAXATION Library offers the EXTENDED Commercial Licenses, which offers unlimited number of Display Devices and unlimited number of Locations. You can check the Licensing options page for additional details.

3. Why there are no cuts, and no zooms in VISUAL RELAXATION Ambient Views?

Ambient Views from VISUAL RELAXATION Library are designed to provide refreshing experiences and ambient backgrounds for moments when we need to let go of accumulated stress and anxieties of modern life. Instead of actively engaging our already overloaded attention, Ambient Views FREE-UP our minds. Freed-up minds can start wandering and relaxing, while simultaneously stimulating inner focus and imagination.

4. Do you have other question?

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