Maui Waterfalls

Ambient Views of lush greenery and waterfalls on the Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii.

  • Visual Relaxation Experience - 3 Ambient Views Set

      Ambient Views from the VISUALRELAXATION library are available in limited editions for commercial or private settings. Ambient Views add a refreshing touch to Spas, Yoga Studios, Wellness Centers, Lounges or Restaurant experiences.

      Select & experience your own favorite sets of Ambient Views.

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    • Commercial licensing available.
    • No Cable-tv or Internet connection required.
    • FREE canvas print.
    • Discounts for subscribers.
    • Ambient Views are ultra-high-definition [UHD] recordings capturing authentic moments from unique locations around the world.

      Ambient Views feature no cuts, no zooms, and deliver only pure and refreshing experience of being there.

      Interested in experiencing refreshing ambient moments at some of the most beautiful locations on our planet Earth? Now you can....

      Ambient Views Specification:

    • Captured in Ultra HD: 4K; 4096x2160
    • Play Resolution: Full HD 1080p ; 1920x1080
    • Uninterrupted 3.5 minutes relaxation.
    1. Choose your Set of Ambient Views from the Visual Relaxation Library.
    2. Visual Relaxation Flash Drive
      The Ambient Views come on a Visual Relaxation Flash Drives.

    3. Locate an USB port on your Smart TV(s) and insert the Flash Drive into it.
    4. Visual Relaxation Flash Drive

    5. Follow the prompts on the TV screen to PLAY the Ambient Views. ENJOY the Experience!

      What's needed:

    • Smart TV with a USB port
    • Visual Relaxation USB Flash Drive
    • Set of Ambient Views
    • Contact us about alternative means of AV delivery

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